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Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Ayurved & Research Centre, Pimpri

DPU Nite Competition 2019

Sunday, April 14, 2019 |University Campus |Cultural Activities

Every year this yearalso our Dr. D. Y. Patil University conducted the programme cum competitionname as “DPU-Nite Competition 2019”

The competition washeld on the evening of 14th April 2019 in university campus. All the instituteunder the university have participated in each and every competition and gavetheir great presence and performance in competition.

It’s a greatpleasure to say that Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Ayurved & Research CentrePimpri, Pune-18 has a great participation in all competition and there was aprompt response to all events by our students and participants.

We are happy to saythat we had three performances by our college with full dedication.

It’s a proud fullannouncement for Ayurveda College that we have won the group dance competitionand solo dance competition by 2nd price both.


Theme for 2019DPU-Nite competition was very perfect and respectful for our country’s soldiersand martyr’s. The theme was “Tribute to Indian Army” and it was so appreciatedby all. All the performance and events were decided to our Indian Army andservices.

Performance : -

A.Group Dance: II Winners runner up


•        HarshalRajendra Marathe

•        MugdhaUday Phadke

•        MrudulaMahesh Swami

•        AnujaNitin Mhetre

•        ChetanaLaxmanprasad Patil

•        PoojaDhanraj Gujre

•        AkanshaBaalkrushna Deshmukh

•        SnehaMallikarjun Shige

•        PrasannaSantosh Thakur

•        MayurAshok Kamble

B. Solo Dance - : IIwinners ( runner up )

1.        ChetanaLaxman Prasad Patil

C.  Solo Singing

          1.  Atish Arjun Nemane

Dr. Sheetal Rasane (Student Council In charge ) , Dr. Jyotsna Yadav ( Cultural In charge ) Dr. Yadunath Waykole  ( Cultural Incharge ) have gave their full guidance and overlaid time forparticipants.All have given their full contribution to make programmesuccessful and since last 4 years Ayurved College had history of Victory. Wepossess winning history always .

As the theme was soheart touching and  truthful so theprogramme was absolutely fantastic and full of cheers we all enjoyed it lot andgave great response to all.

We are grateful tothe university management for doing such programme and arranging DPU – NiteCompetition for us also thanks to all chairperson of our university also thanksto respected Principle of Ayurved College for giving permission to participate.