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Global Business School & Research Centre

Fresher’s Party Celebration

Saturday, October 05, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Cultural Activities

Towelcome the junior students, the fresher's party was organized on the campus bythe senior students of MBA and BBA. The purpose of Fresher's party was towelcome new students in a friendly atmosphere, avoid social evils, encouragetheir creative impulses and boost their confidence.

Theamphitheater filled with music, joy, and laughter. It started off with anenthusiastic performance by the MBA and BBA students who participated for theMr. & Ms. Fresher Rounds, performing in groups along with their seniors. Itincluded ramp walks, couple dance and group dances. Participants wereencouraged by everyone as they performed. All the performances wereartistically and beautifully presented with style and confidence. Participantsfurther battled in three different rounds, which included question-answer roundby the judges titled talent round.

The grandfinal finally gave two winners from BBA and MBA as Mr.  & Ms. Fresher.

From MBA

Mr.Fresher - Kenneth Stephen

Ms.Fresher – Monica Johnson

From BBA

Mr.Fresher – Kishan Kumar

Ms.Fresher – Aparupa Paul

Thewinners were then crowned and given prizes which were followed by DJ dance. Thestudents danced their hearts out on the beats of music and rejoiced as theprogram came to an end. It was followed by a lip-smacking dinner.

Fresher’s the party ended on a joyful note of bonding and friendship