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Industrial Visit to Serum Institute of India

Saturday, October 12, 2019 |Industrial Visit to Serum Institute of India, Hadapsar, Pune |Field Visit/Industrial Visit

On the12th of October, an industrial visit to Serum Institute of India was arrangedfor the MBA students of Pharmaceutical Management of Global Business School andResearch Center, Pune. All the students gathered in the waiting premise ofSerum institute where they were greeted by the HR manager. With the help of themodel, he gave a brief view of the company, where many departments go hand inhand starting from a special economic zone to a different department forexport. He also shared details about their new project that is to be started atManjari. Also, he mentioned about quality control department, production, coldstorage for vials and research and development department, lyophilizationdepartment. He showed a short film made on Serum Institute at the largestprivate lavish auditorium and shared details about some social steps taken byAdar Poonawalla and Namrata Poonawalla. Adar Poonawalla has started a cleanPune Initiative where his team is working for making again Pune beautiful andclean. He had brought automated vacuum machines for cleaning from Germany.Natasha Poonawalla has started a 70-bed hospital after her mother passed away.In the hospital, they provide treatment to needy people at a low cost. 

A glimpseof production quality control was given by the departmental heads where at atime thousands of vaccines are being prepared and tested. They have automatedmachinery for the quality test which consists of 8 cameras having variedfunctions and are able to check 600 vials in a minute. They have an exportdepartment where all functions related to the export of vaccines are performedseparately. They export vaccines to around 170 countries that are around 3/4thof the world. They manufactured the 1st tetanus vaccine in 1967. Recently theycelebrated their 50th golden jubilee year. They are known for their quality ofvaccines worldwide. They have invented vaccines for life-threatening diseaseslike polio, tetanus, etc. They have arrested the spread of epidemics all overthe world with the immediate distribution of vaccines.

They arenow working on the dengue vaccine. Today they are the largest vaccinemanufacturing company and are consistently growing in their path.

Thisvisit gave the students’ bird’s eye view of the working of a pharma company.