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Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy

World Physiotherapy Day

Sunday, September 08, 2019 |Vardhman Dreams phase 2, Waked, Pune |International Commemorative Day

WCPTin the year 1996, designated 8th September as World Physical Therapy Day. This is the date WCPT was founded in1951. It is an opportunity to recognise the work that the physical therapistdoes for their patients and the community. This year 2019 the theme for the daywas “Chronic pain & physical therapy”, a significant burden on globalhealth with low back pain causing more disability than any other condition.Physiotherapy is best placed to help those with living with chronic pain andthe 8th of September is an opportunity to showcase this to the world. This dayalso has a purpose to promote and spread awareness about available physicaltherapy treatment in various conditions.

WCPTPresident Emma Stokes said: “People who have chronic pain tell usthat it can be difficult to get or stay active. But a physical therapist canwork with you to suggest activities or a programme that’s right for you. Theycan help you understand how pain works, reduce your fears around pain, educateyou about your condition, encourage you to take part safely in physicalactivity, build your confidence, help you remain or return to work orparticipate in activities that allow you to live life the way you want to.”

Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy, Pune organised at Vardhman Dreams phase 2, Waked, Pune. Thecamp was based on the WCPT theme “Chronic Pain& physical therapy”. The camp commenced with a lecture aboutIntroduction to Physiotherapy, the meaning of Physiotherapy, what exactlyphysical therapy is all about and the misconception about physical therapy. Itwas followed by screening and analysis of posture of IT professionals alongwith significant ergonomic advice to prevent faulty posture and pain, screeningof geriatric population in the society and addressing their chief complaints. Asmall session of chair aerobics and standing aerobics was choreographed alongwith music for all the observers. All the observers participated with fullenthusiasm. A memory game was played post aerobics session for all theobservers. The camp was concluded by addressing one to one problems of eachobserver and PT intervention for each observer. 

Thecamp was organised by Dr. Parita Kothari under the guidance of Dr. ManishaRathi along with postgraduate students. Lastly, Dr. Parita Kothari gave thevote of thanks to all the members of the society who helped in organising thecamp.