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Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing


Wednesday, October 30, 2019 |MULTI-PURPOSE HALL, Dr D.Y. PATIL COLLEGE OF NURSING. |Events

The first generalbody meeting of Dr D.Y. Patil College of Nursing was conducted on 30th august2019, at Multi-Purpose Hall of Dr. D.Y Patil College of Nursing at 10:00am,under the guidance of Principal / President of SNA Dr Mrs. Rupali Salvi, SNAAdvisor Mrs. Martha Raut and faculties of college of nursing.

Host for the meetingwas Ms Gitty Varughese General Secretary of CON. Welcome address was given byMr. Shubham Vaidya (Vice-President of Con) and the SNA election result wasannounced by SNA Advisor Mrs. Martha Raut. The SNA budget presentation was doneby the previous assistant treasurer of CON Ms. Feba Christy Benny.

The newly electedSNA executives were handed over SNA files from the previous executives the oathtaking ceremony was done for newly elected members by SNA advisor .eventcalendar was presented by Mr. Pratik Channe cultural in-charge of CON. SNA andTNAI registration and the circular were explained by SNA Advisor of CON.

Suggestions given bythe students were discussed by SNA president regarding maintenance of washroom,drinking water facility, and inclusion of national anthem after every collegeevent, visibility of blackboard and badges for SNA executives. Vote of thankswas delivered by Ms.Varsha Mete. The meeting concluded at 12:00 pm followed byrefreshments.