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Industrial Visit to Jupiter Hospital

Monday, October 07, 2019 |Jupiter Hospital, Pune. |Field Visit/Industrial Visit

On the 07th ofOctober, an industrial visit to Jupiter Hospital was arranged for the MBA

students of Hospitaland Health care Management of Global Business School and Research Center, Pune.All the students gathered in the waiting premise of Jupiter Hospital where theywere greeted by Mrs. Kajal from Corporate Relations. She gave a brief view ofthe Hospital, where many departments go hand in hand. Starting from emergencydepartment known as Casualty where they tackle patients for emergency servicesalong with Mass Casualty when bulk patients need to be treated. Also, mentionedTriage Management. Health Checkup Department which includes a checkup of vitalparameters, ECG. Pathology and radiology department where sampling and MRI& CT Scan is done respectively. Dialysis department where they providedialysis via Peritoneum and vein. Thrice a week services are being provided toa patient with regard to aseptic precautions. A glimpse of CCU (CCU1, CCU2,PICU, NICU, SICU) has been shown where proper care of positive and negativepatients are taken under consideration. The total beds accommodated are 67where PICU and NICU is 6 & 12 respectively. There is a modular OperationTheater which runs 8 OT at a time. In Microbiology department they showed thecentrifuge and incubator machines which were automated along with lab attendantmedia room, histopath lab and giant robotic machine for bio sampling to thestudents, they told them about the way it is managed and also explainedBio-Waste Management importance various camps were organized by JupiterHospital for improving community health status. Kajal Madam also mentioned thatJupiter Hospital is well known for its organ donation and transplantationpurpose. It provides liver, kidney, pancreas, small bowel transplant at areasonable rate. In the year 2018 liver transplant was done with the number of75 and this year it includes 100 and counting.

A short conferencehas been conducted with Medical Superintendent Dr. Vikas Patil where he gave awarm welcome to the students in the healthcare industry and briefed aboutJupiter Hospital. He said it comprised of 375 beds. He also shared that JupiterHospital is about to start with Bone marrow transplant and stem celltransplant. The whole visit was a great success and the students gainedfirst-hand insight about the working of a hospital.