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Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre

CME on Paediatric Neuro Criticare held on 28th September 2019 

Saturday, September 28, 2019 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Auditorium |Continuous Medical Education programme

CME on“Pediatric Neuro Criticare” was organized by Department of Pediatrics incollaboration with IAP- Pune. It was conducted at College Auditorium, Dr. D. Y.Patil Medical College from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm on 28th September 2019. 

Theprogramme started with a welcome address and opening note by Dr. Shiji ChalipatPediatrics Neurologist and organizing secretary. The dignitaries who graced theinaugural ceremony were Dr. J. S. Bhawalkar – Dean, Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar-Prof. & HOD, Dr. Sanjay Mankar – President- IAP- Pune, Dr. Aarti Kinikar –HOD, B.J. Medical College. Hon’ble Dr. J. S. Bhawalkar Dean appreciated theinitiative taken by the Department. Around 120 delegates attended the programmefrom around Pune city. 

Thefirst session of the CME covered “Encephalopathy and Encephalitis in children”.The Chairpersons for the session were Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar & Dr. PrabhakarBurute. The first lecture was taken by Dr. Rasika Bharaswadkar on “Approach toComatose Child”. The delegates appreciated the case-based approach towards thediagnosis and management of Coma. The second lecture was taken by Dr. AartiKinikar and Dr. Rajesh Kulkarni on “Acute Encephalitis Syndrome”. They stressedon the importance of imaging and investigations for the diagnosis ofEncephalopathy. The third lecture was taken by Dr. Kavitha Srivastava on“Management of Metabolic Encephalopathy”. The Speaker cleared the air on subtlesigns & symptoms which should be checked for a suspected case of metabolicdisorders. She also spoke about the approach to metabolic encephalopathy.

 TheSecond session covered “Trauma & Intracranial Pressure in ICU”. TheChairpersons for the session were Dr. Vineeta Pande & Dr. Ravendra Kadam.The first lecture was “Traumatic Brain Injury” which was by Dr. Sumant Patil.He spoke in detail about the newer modalities in the management of traumaticbrain Injury and neuroprotective therapies. The second lecture was on “ICPmonitoring & Management of Raised ICP” by Dr. Nilesh Kurwale. He enlighteddelegates about how to monitor raised ICP and surgical management of raisedICP. 

Thethird session covered “Seizures and Demyelination in children”. Thechairpersons for the session were Dr. Sudhir Malwade & Dr. Achyut Kalantre.The first lecture was by Dr. Sandeep Patil on “Management of StatusEpilepticus”. He discussed in-depth about the protocol for the treatment ofstatus epilepticus and etiological management of status epilepticus andrefractory status epilepticus. There was In-depth discussion with case-basedapproach on management of status epilepticus. The second lecture was by Dr.Vishal Sodi and was on “acute disseminated encephalomyelitis”. He discussedabout the various type of demyelinating disorders and way to differentiate themand their treatment modalities. 

Thelast session was on the ICU management of GBS and Stroke in children. Thesession was chaired by Dr. Shailaja Mane & Dr. Sandeep Shinde. The firstlecture was on “ICU management of GBS” by Dr. Shiji Chalipat. She discussedin-depth on pitfalls in the diagnosis of GBS and cleared the air on themanagement of GBS. The second lecture was on “ICU management fo Stroke inChildren” by Dr. Abhijeet Botre. He discussed the differentiating pointsbetween arterial and venous stroke and childhood management protocols ofstroke. Recent advances in diagnosis and management and the need for earlydiagnosis and needful intervention was stressed upon by the speakers. The CMEended with vote of thanks by Dr. Sandeep Patil, Pediatric Neurologist &Organizing Chairperson.