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Dr. D. Y. Patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics Institute

Freshers Day celebrations (Freshers-L Discoteca) by DYPBBI

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 |Dr. D Y Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute (DYPBBI), Tathwade, Pune |Cultural Activities

The students of Dr.D Y Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute (DYPBBI), Tathwade, Puneorganized a Freshers Party “La Discoteca 2019” for all newly admitted firstyear students of 2019-20 Batch. A total of 190 students from first year of allfour courses B. Tech. Biotechnology /B. Tech. Medical Biotechnology /M. Tech(Int) Biotechnology and M. Sc. Biotechnology participated in the event. Thepurpose of the Freshers Party was to make every new student feel connected asan integral part of the DYPBBI family and be ready to take on the challenges ofthe year ahead. Jovial smiles and high spirits marked the welcome party for thenew students. The theme of the party was Disco, making the set-up at the venuelook dark and eerie. Black colour was dominant throughout. The party wasorganised in the lobby of college premises. It manifested youth and enthusiasmat its best.

As a trend of theinstitute, the party began with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony andprayers to Goddess Saraswati. The occasion was graced by Prof. J. K Pal,Director and all faculty members. Dr. J K Pal inaugurated the Event bywelcoming the students through his motivational speech. Pulsating ambience,flashing lights and foot-tapping music, set the mood of the party right. Theexcitement augmented to a joyful high as performances graced the stage. Themercury began to rise, the dance floor was left open for some unbridled energy.Joy and happiness could be seen among students of each and every course at thecollege. The dress code for the students was as per the theme. Denims anddresses, cool shades and casual flip-flops, branded T – shirts and bright bags— casual chic reigned the Event. Excited about campus life and conscious of thelatest fashion trends, the freshers dressed their best. Freshers party is allabout creating everlasting relationships with each other. The event is anindication of union among the students. Narayan from B. Tech Biotechnology andNandini from B. Tech.( Medical) Biotechnology were declared as Mr. Fresher andMiss Fresher respectively.