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Dr. D. Y. Patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics Institute

“Swachhata Hi Seva” and “Water conservation” Awareness program

Saturday, September 28, 2019 |Nere Village, Taluka Mulshi, Dist: Pune |Swacch Bharat Activity

Dr. D. Y. PatilBiotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, Pune has adopted the village Nere,Mulshi Taluka, Pune (District), Maharashtra for Swachhata Abhiyan for 3years.  As a part of this initiativevarious activities like awareness about environment, sanitation, conservationand proper use of water etc., have been conducted on 28th September, 2019.  A total of 50 Students from First year B.Tech. Biotechnology, B. Tech. (Medical) Biotechnology and M. Tech. (Int)Biotechnology enthusiastically participated in various activities like skit,interactive games with Jilha Parishad school students, watching sensitizationmovies on water conservation and consequences of plastic use. Later, the schoolstudents participated in a poster making competition on “Save water” and“Plastic free village”. Best three posters were awarded and the students weregiven certificates and gifts on behalf of the Institute.

Our institutestudents actively participated in cleaning and collecting plastic wastes fromseveral locations in the village and this collected plastics are beingrecycled. Gram Sarpanch Mrs. Vidya Rahul Jadhav, Gram Sevak Mr. DebrandraDinakar Nalawade, Mr. Rahul Jadhav and the Headmaster and teachers of JilhaParishad School actively participated in this activity in spite of their busyschedule. Faculty members of our Institute Dr. Soumya Basu, Dr. SwapnilGaikwad, Dr. Afreen Huda, Dr. Arvind Goja, Dr. Sarika Pawar, Dr. Rajasegaran,Mr. Almol Salagare, Mr. Sandeep Bonsode, Mrs. Rashmi Pathe supervised andparticipated in this activity at Nere village.

The above saidauthorities of the village were deeply satisfied and thanked our Institute fororganizing such activities and invited us for such activities in future.