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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest Session on Dermatoglyphics Multi Intelligence Test

Friday, July 26, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Guest Lecture

Intoday’s world, there are different methods to analyze and study human behaviorwell one of them is Dermatoglyphics Multi Intelligence test it is a true studyof the fingerprint patterns. Helps in understanding a great individual’spotential & personality Type. Dr. Ankush related this study with the innerabilities that a person has. He mentioned that with the help of this study itcan be told the abilities a person has in build and things they can learn. Asevery fingerprint is unique and so is every individual and every person hasunique qualities that need to develop.

Thesekinds of test can help students to measure their goal according to theabilities they have and guide them about the lifestyle they would need tocarry. It is needed to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem ofstudents by identifying their innate abilities and guide them to have a morehappy and satisfied life. He used stories and gave a live example to explainmore efficiently.

Thestudents found the session interactive and were keen on the facts explained byDr. Ankush. They were very motivated about knowing the abilities they have andthe ways they can improve and explore themselves to achieve the desired goals.Knowing themselves can help them know the appropriate way of learning for themthat an help them in the future. Dr. Ankush asked students to work on theirstrengths and improve their weaknesses after knowing them.