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Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Optometry & Visual Sciences

Eye Donation Week

Sunday, August 25, 2019 - Sunday, September 08, 2019 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Optometry & Visual Sciences Pimpri, Pune-411 018 |Health Camp/ Medical Camp/ Diagnostic Camp

Eye donation awareness programme was conducted in our institute. The contribution was given by optometry, nursing & ophthalmology department. Students made various posters with great enthusiasm!!! Posters were displayed in front of the main OPD [Out Patient Department] for all the walk-in peoples to appreciate the importance of eye donation, forms were made available to those willing for the same. The judges were  HOD. Of the ophthalmology department Dr. Renu Mugdam and Dr. Pranav More (Cornea transplant surgeon). 
We had an informative lecture on eye donation by Dr. Pranav More which included, introduction, video on procedure, eligibility criteria of the donor, myths and misconceptions. We got an enormous response from the patients and acquaintances. There were approximately 40 charts prepared by different faculties of DPU. Our institute contributed 32% of charts, which included all the three years and involved 50 students.  Making posters and slogans, was with great optimism between optometry students! Results are awaited.