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Global Business School & Research Centre

edX Orientation Session

Tuesday, September 06, 2022 |Global Business School & Research Centre |Events

GBSRC has entered into an official contract with edX for imparting knowledge & skills to all its students through certification courses offered by various highly reputed Universities & Institutions across the globe viz. Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Washington, University System of Maryland, University of Adelaide, New York Institute of Finance, Indian Institutes of Management, Indian Institutes of Technology, IBM, Catalyst, Rochester Institute of Technology etc.

To orient all the students about many important aspects of accessing edX certification courses, an edX Orientation Session was organized by GBSRC on 3 rd September, 2022 in classroom no. 106. The resource person for the session was Mr. Rishabh Jain, Manager from edX. The session started with welcome & introduction of the resource person by institute edX Coordinator Dr. Manesh Palav.

Mr. Rishabh Jain started his session by stating the importance of enhancing the skillsets along with academic knowledge imparted in the classroom. He shared about how the industry is changing at a rapid pace in terms of the skillsets required, technology, customer preferences etc. edX offers more than 1400 certification courses spanning across the various disciplines of knowledge.

Mr. Rishabh Jain guided all students about the exact process to be followed for creating student account on edX portal, activating the license provided by GBSRC, searching for the courses of their choice, Enrollment of courses, & tracking the progress.

He emphasized upon enrolling for various foundation courses like Financial Accounting, Statistics, Economics etc. which will help all MBA Semester I students for understanding & preparing for the courses in their MBA Programme.

He shared that, edX certification courses will add value to the student profile which will enhance their employability skills in the future.

Many students asked their queries during the session which were addressed by the resource person. Session was concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by institute edX coordinator Dr. Harshal Raje.

The session was coordinated by Dr. Harshal Raje & Dr. Manesh Palav.