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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest Session on How to boost your Inner Confidence

Thursday, August 08, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Guest Lecture

Mr. Atul Gopal visited Global Business and School Research Centre on 08th August, 2019 to conduct a session on ‘How to boost your inner confidence’. He has done his B.E Mechanical from COEP and is the alumnus of IIM Calcutta.
He commenced the session by giving an introduction on how can one boost his/her inner confidence? Where he scrutinized on some of the following points such as:-
1. Visualize yourself as you want to be.
2. Affirm yourself.
3. Do one thing that scares you every day.
4. Question your inner critic.
5. Take the 100 days of rejection challenge.
6. Set yourself up to win.
7. Help someone else.
8. Care for yourself.
9. Create personal boundaries.
10. Shift to an equality mentality.
Moving forward he elaborated the same point of discussion. Wherein he stated,
Forget about being perfect. So often people don't pursue things because they feel it has to be just right. They ruminate over how to approach things, conduct themselves, or say something to the point of getting filled with anxiety and either not taking any action at all or doing so in a way that lacks confidence.
For most people, confidence is crucial to achieving success. Without it most will flounder, despite their talents or strength. He added that highly talented musicians, athletes, and business people who, because they lack confidence, don't land the record deal, win their race, or start the business they've been dreaming of for years. They're held hostage by fear and this stems from a lack of confidence. 
Lastly, he concluded saying Self-confidence is only an umbrella term for a lot of things. Emotional constraint, humor, empathy, resilience, string relationships, all go into creating the personality that exudes self-confidence.
A self-confident person would know how to say things that are honest without hurting other’s sentiments. A self-confident man also knows how to be heard with dignity, when there is a difference of opinion. All this takes practice, but the most important thing is the belief that one can be better. This is the cornerstone for any improvement in the world.