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Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre

2nd Hands Workshop on OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

Monday, April 04, 2022 |Department of Medical Education Hall Medicine Dept - 3rd floor |Workshop

Twenty three teachers participated in the workshop from Paediatrics, Medicine. ENT, OBGY, Ophthalmology and Surgery. The workshop started with the pre-test. Then followed the introduction of the participants. The agenda and objectives of the workshop were shared by Dr. S L Jadhav. Dr Pramila Menon started the first session by introducing the concept of CBME curriculum and need for OSCE as one of the assessment method. The AETCOM module and NMC UG-curriculum was shared and teachers were asked to pick up skill assessment of competencies as per NMC. There was an interactive session on teaching learning methods in respect to CBME, particularly performance based assessment as per NMC guidelines. This was followed by demonstration of OSCE by Dr. Priti Shah and Dr Rashmi Prashant. Dr. Shilpa Kshirsagar(OBGY), Dr. Rashmi (ENT) who were trained in OSCE shared their OSCE station. Then there was discussion on newer assessment methods like OSLER, mini CEX, Reflection.The logbook as per NMC for CBME UG-curriculum was shared. The challenges of implementation of logbook were also discussed. The OSCE stations were setup in the hall which included communication skills, Procedural skills, history taking, Diagnostic skills, Short case, Viva. All participants were made to through the stations as students and also as examiners At the end of the session there was open discussion about the workshop and reflections of all participants were noted. In the afternoon session the participants were asked to pick up the competencies as per their teaching plan and were asked to write OSCE station which included faculty instructions ,student instructions and checklist. The participants were also asked to write reflection about OSCE workshop.

This was followed by post test & feedback. The workshop concluded with vote of thanks.