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Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Optometry & Visual Sciences

Alumni Meet

Sunday, January 23, 2022 |Online |Alumni Activity

DR. D. Y PATIL INSTITUTE OF OPTOMETRY AND VISUAL SCIENCES, PIMPRI, PUNE, had 4th  virtual alumni meet. This alumni meet was hosted by Yash Chachre of 3rd year. This meet was attended by all alumni, optometry students and faculty members.

Welcome address-Dr Veshal Madan, Dr. Neeta Mishra and Mrs. Susmita Banerjee

The events of the program were as follows:

  1. Singing performance by Rushikesh
  2. Optom Ms. Tanvi-My journey: breaking out of the shell
  3. Shayari by Mohit
  4. Optom Mr. Ashutosh: Optometry and beyond
  5. Optom Ms. Bhoomika-Hurdles during and after internship
  6. Dance performance by Snehal
  7. Optom Ms. Ayshwarya- College and overall experiment in the optometry field
  8. Singing performance by Yash
  9. Optom Ms. Anamika – Career option after optometry
  10. Optom Ms. Komal – Community health -serving the tribal community.
  11. Singing performance by Nilam
  12. Optom Sudhakar Chaudhary – Toxoplasmosis.

Hereafter our faculty members shared their thoughts with all the students and lastly, our respected director Dr. Veshal Madan addressed the students and the meet was ended with vote of thanks delivered by Yash Chachre.