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Global Business School & Research Centre

Preparing for the MBA Course’

Saturday, August 10, 2019 |GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL & RESEARCH CENTRE Tathawade, Pune 411033 |Seminar

Dr. Avadoot Pol, Director SIBAR Pune, was invited in campus for asession on ‘Preparing for the MBA Course’ on 10th August 2019. Dr. Pol, spokeabout how MBA as a PG course is an unsettling process and that instead of 24months it’s 18 month process and that within these 18 months an individual canmake or mar his/ her career.

He also spoke abouta very common problem that the students face now is PROCASTINATION.

This is somethingthat keeps a person from climbing the ladder of success and thatprocrastination is something that the person should quit as early as possible.

Another majordrawback of the current student crowd is the habit of making excuses. Sir’slecture mostly included live examples including his own experiences and hiscollege days. Dr. Pol says that excuses pull an individual far from the goalthat he/ she has setup for themselves.

The major learningsincluded MOTIVATION, which said RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND NOT FOR YOUR FOOD.

Dr. Pol gave anexample of one of his students who got placed in both her dream companies dueto the fact that she was sincere with her hard work and honest with herpassion.

He said no successcomes knocking at one’s doorstep if they do not thrive for it and not takerisks. He stated that one should be uncomfortable in life so that he ismotivated to toil for what he doesn’t have. Once a person becomes comfortablein life, he/she stops working hard and that’s when they start losing the fameand success that they’ve achieved.

Sir also stated thatone should think creative and out of the box in order to stand out from thecrowd and to prove oneself better than the rest. Lastly he made sure that thestudents inculcate the habit of giving value to the existing things and that theyshouldn’t crib about the facilities that they don’t have and NOT MAKE EXCUSES.