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Global Business School & Research Centre

Voter Awareness Program

Monday, March 14, 2022 - Tuesday, March 15, 2022 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidhyapeeth’s Global Business School & Research Centre, Pune |Events

Global Business School and Research Centre had organized a VOTER AWARNESS QUIZ AND SLOGANMAKING COMPETITION for the students of MBA and BBA under IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance cell)in order to enhance voter awareness under the Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Program. 

The Competition was conducted on two days, Monday,14th March 2022 and Tuesday, 15 March 2022.

Voting is our right, our duty, and our only chance to expect change by choosing our leader. The Youth of today is self-aware and knows the importance of voting and its impact on our nation. Such type of competition provides a stage for the students to showcase their extracurricular knowledge and leadership qualities.

EVENT 1: Voter Awareness Quiz

Date & Day: 14th March 2022, Monday


It was conducted as a part of an initiative towards promoting voting awareness among youth and new generation voters.The event was focused on making people aware of the democratic heritage of the country and our democracy. The event was co-ordinated by Prof.Sunita Kharate, Dr. AvinashGhadageand DrVilis Pawar.

The Quiz was held on an online platform through Google Forms. There were a total of 109 participants.

There were 20 various questions regarding the voting and the election process.

For instance,

1)In which year was the voting age reduced from 21 to 18?

2) What is the total number of seats in Lok Sabha?

There were some high scorers in the Quiz

1)Adarsh Pandey (BBA 3rd Year)

2)Dhruv Patel (BBA 2nd Year)

3)YudhistirBorokar (BBA 3rd Year)

4) Aishwarya Menon (MBA 2nd Year)

5)Deepiksha Agarwal (MBA 1st Year)


EVENT 2: Slogan Making Competition

Date & Day: 15th March 2022 , Tuesday

Slogan making competition started by welcoming the participants and esteemed faculty members. Student volunteers compered the event successfully. Ms. JigishaSalunkeof BBA 1st Year introduced the participants and briefed about the rules of competition.

A total of 14 students were screened for the competition from all the divisions of BBA and MBA. Students had to come on the stage and present their Slogan with an appropriate explanation. The competition liberalized participants to present their slogan in multiple languages such as English, Hindi and Marathi. Students showed an enthusiastic participation and gave their best slogans on voting awareness.

The competition provided a platform for youth to come forward and encourage everyone around them to vote. The Event was judged by Dr Shailendra Kale Sir andDrBiranchi Jena Sir who both are esteemed faculties of GBSRC.

The judges evaluated the students on several parameters like relevancy to the topic, content, presentation skills, fluency, knowledge of the subject and audience engagement.

With rigorous evaluation from the judges, the average score is considered for the winners.

The Event was concluded by Announcement of Winners followed by an Official Vote of Thanks given by Ms. HrutujaTanawadeof BBA 1st Year.

The names of the winners are as follows:

  1. Sameer Mane (MBA 1st Year)
  2. Vibha Vinod Advani(BBA 3rdYear)
  3. Yashwant Bolishetty (BBA 3rd Year).


Volunteers For the Event:

  1. Shreyas Eesh (BBA 2nd Year)
  2. HrutujaTanawade (BBA 1st Year)
  3. JigishaSalunke (BBA 1st Year)
  4. Sakshi Singh (BBA 1st Year)
  5. Atharva Pansare (BBA 1st Year