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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 |GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL & RESEARCH CENTRE Tathawade, Pune |Cultural Activities

On 14th August 2019,during the Induction programme of MBA batch 2019-2021, GBSRC organised asession on 'Indian Korean Student Cultural Meet'. It was in association withIMEI-International Mind Education Institute who specialise in character andmind education, presenting the proper mindset for life for humanity. Thismeet was started with a cheerful dance performed by Koreans.

Mr. Pratik Shirkewho is the director of the International Mind Education Institute (IMEI) sharedhis thoughts on how to design the mind in a much positive and productive way.Students were given a presentation on how mindset and mental health is importantthrough examples of Koi Fish, Napolean Hill and Warren Buffett. Next event wasa Group Discussion where students were divided into groups of ten each anddiscussed about several aspects of Mindset. Many interesting observations onmental health were presented by each group. Students also discussed eachother’s cultural differences and similarities.

Indian studentsunderstood that in Korea it is not allowed to be friends with elder person andabout the K-POP popular music originating in South Korea. It was interesting toknow that bowing while greeting and taking shoes off while entering houses is similarbetween Indian and Korean Culture. Koreans prefer to come to India to learnEnglish language. The hospitality shown by Indians is appreciated by Koreans.

A group activity wasconducted stated as "ACTION LEARNING" which brought various ideas andperspectives to the mental challenges faced by one and all. Variousperspectives on mental awareness were discussed.

The day-long programconcluded with a beautiful dance performance by Korean students on IndianBollywood songs.

It was an extraordinary interactive session filled with warmth and fondness betweendifferent people and cultures.