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Global Business School & Research Centre

"Entrepreneurship Learning"

Saturday, August 03, 2019 | Seminar Hall, GBSRC, Pune |Workshop

Mr.Manish M. Patil, Founder Director, Samruddhi TBI Foundation was invited to thecampus for interacting with the students on the topic of 'EntrepreneurshipLearning'. He started with his introduction and talked about his career. Thenhe encouraged students to find out about the hidden potential withinthemselves. Then he shared his failures and how he fought back and reachedhere. He encouraged students to be proud of their failures. He asked all totake risks. He emphasized on experiential learning. Then he taught some pointsthat are needed to be considered during startup, and how to manage them. He wasaccompanied by Ms. Renuka Patil- Founder Director Jugaadfunda Innovations LLP.They both answered to the queries of the students at the end of the session.