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Global Business School & Research Centre

Session of Funding Opportunities for Startups & Takeaways from Budget 2022

Saturday, February 12, 2022 |Online |Guest Lecture

As a part of an initiative towards promoting start-up among the students and making them aware about the Budget 2022, Global Business School and Research Centre (GBSRC), in association with DPU Foundation For Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship, had organized "Session on Funding Opportunities for Startups & Takeaways from Budget 2022". This session was conducted on Saturday, 12th Feb 2022. The speaker for the event was CA Dr. PriyaAgashe, having a diverse background in mentorship, training, teaching and even she has contributed to research where she has done doctoral studies and Research Papers done in Manufacturing Sector and also she has published papers in National and International Journals. This session was attended by more than 150 participants.

The objective of organizing this event was to create awareness about funding opportunities for the new age of start-ups and to create awareness among the students about the important features of Budget 2022.

Through this session students were able to know about the various sources where the funding for a start-up can be generated. Students were exposed to the level of what they should do before asking someone for funding or presenting their idea in front of someone. Students also learned about the various sectors where the government has focused in the Budget 2022.

The event started by welcoming the speaker for the event. Student volunteers compered the event successfully. They introduced the speaker, CA Dr. PriyaAgasheand handed over the session to the speaker. In her speech, CA Dr. PriyaAgasheexplained the various aspects and opportunities from where funding can be generated, such as boot funding, crowdfunding, venture capital funding, private investment, angel investors, incubators and accelerators, winning contests and competitions, and other funding ways. Also, the do’s and don’ts while raising funds for the venture.

She enlightened about the government policies for the startups such as PM Gatishakti, Make in India, and Atmanirbhar Bharat and the focus sector in the Budget 2022 such as Agriculture and Food, Agritech, Electric Transportation and Vehicles, clean energy/environment Technology, EduTech, Drone Technology, etc.

The webinar ended with clarification of ambiguity amongst the audience, followed by a vote of thanks.