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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest session on "Professional Approach"

Saturday, August 03, 2019 |Seminar Hall, GBSRC, Pune |Guest Lecture

Dr. Vasant V. Bang,Founder Director, DELTA M Management R&D Lab was invited to the campus tointeract with the MBA students on 3rd August 2019. He started with hisintroduction and talked about his career. Then he asked students to see MBA asa professional course. He taught about the four basics components i.e.,Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Values. He taught and discussed about eachpoint with relevant examples. Then he shared his life story as a youngengineer. He also shared a case study of TATA Ace. He discussed about some wellknown companies and brands who are in loss in India. Then he taught us somepoints need to be considered while working in a corporate and how to managework and people. It was an interactive session where students got their doubtsand queries cleared.