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Value Addition Course on “Promotion of Agricultural Products” (18 hours)

Friday, December 31, 2021 |Online |Events

From 27th November, 2021 Value Addition Course on “Promotion of Agricultural Products” was organized at GBSRC for MBA ABM – I students. For the entire sessions Dr. Prafull Gadge – Chairman of Biome Technologies was the speaker and Prof. Mandar Brahme Asst. Professor GBSRC along with ABM – I students attended the Value Addition Course.

The first day of the session commenced with the introduction and welcome of trainer Dr. Prafull Gadge.

Dr. Prafull Gadge interacted with the participants asking them various questions regarding their views on Promotion, Agricultural Products, Inputs and Outputs, etc. He also stressed on what motivates him and what are the qualities that every Agri Businessman must possess.

During the sessions he has given more focus on Marketing of Agricultural Produce, Latest Technologies in Agri Business, Good Agricultural Practices, and Classification of agricultural products in modern way. He gave in detail knowledge to the students about the disadvantages of traditional marketing and linked new strategies with the Govt. of India initiatives towards the agricultural products promotion.

Dr. Prafull Gadge narrated few cases experienced by him during his visits to the farm. He also explained those cases in very simple manner. He gave insights about the role of supply chain management in promotion of agricultural products.

In his session he guided the students on following aspects:

  • Introduction to the topic and introduction of Biome Technologies
  • Marketing of Bio - Fertilizers & Bio - Pesticides
  • Promotional activities at farm level.
  • Rural Promotion strategies.
  • Barriers in rural promotion and urban promotion of agricultural products.
  • Good Agricultural Practices covering Bio agents.
  • Research in Agricultural Marketing

This value addition course offered an extensive education to the students of agribusiness management. A series of exciting sessions on promotion of agricultural products and rural promotion strategies was of particular interest to the students.


It was a great opportunity for the participants to get insight from Dr. Prafull Gadge who shared live demonstrations on the field. He shared his valuable practical knowledge in the area of agricultural products promotion. He enlighten the students about various new agricultural products from the same farm land.


He focused on business opportunities involved in doing promotional activities. He made comparison in between India and rest of the world about the consumption of Plant growth regulators, bio – pesticides, bio – fertilizers, seeds, fodder, by-products etc. As per his analysis, he pointed out need and practices of promotion of agricultural products in the globe.

Mr. Nilesh Bhoi, Mr. Mayur, Ms. Pranita, Ms. Komal, Ms. Prajakta, Mr. Rahul Rathod interacted frequently during this value addition course.

Dr. Prafull Gadge solved all the queries asked by the students time to time.

Prof. Mandar Brahme concluded the value addition course by proposing the vote of thanks. In his speech, he thanked Director Dr. Chetan Chaudhari and Students for being enablers in success of this value addition course on Promotion of Agricultural Products.