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Global Business School & Research Centre

Webinar on Role of Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

Thursday, November 18, 2021 |Online |Seminar

As a part of initiative towards promoting start-up and innovation activities among the students, Global Business School and Research Centre (GBSRC), in association with DPU's Instituion's Innovation Council, had organized "Session on Role of Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Start-ups". This session was conducted on Monday, 18th Nov 2021. The speaker for the event was Dr. Vilis Pawar, who is a seasoned professional and a rank holder in UGC NET in two different subjects namely Labour Laws and Management Science. This session was attended by more than 200 participants.

The objective for organizing this event was to create awareness about how innovation can bring significant difference in the entrepreneurship activity and to help students to understand systematic method of innovation.

During his speech, the speaker stressed on the topic of persistence that one has to have regarding the ideas generated relating to the business. Students were able to know the examples and stories of real billionaires and successful entrepreneurs. The speaker also explained how to generate creative ideas in different business field and also when to convert tricks or ideas into innovation. Students were able to understand to use workable ideas and convert to product.

The event started by Sambhav Goswami, welcoming the speaker for the event. Student volunteers compered the event successfully. Dr. Villis Pawar shared inspiring stories of established entrepreneurs who started simple and quoted “Innovation is a simple thing”. He mentioned about finding projects to bring comfort in people’s life. The questions like how to pitch an idea and protect the same was addressed well. After Q&A, the program concluded with the vote of thanks by Chavvi Shah.