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Global Business School & Research Centre

Webinar on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop by Mr. Abhinav Suman, First Generation Entrepreneur, AIB Life Science Private Limited

Monday, November 08, 2021 |Online |Seminar

As a part of initiative towards promoting start-up and innovation activities among the students, Global Business School and Research Centre (GBSRC), in association with DPU's Instituion's Innovation Council, had organized "Session on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop". This session was conducted on Monday, 8th Nov 2021. The speaker for the event was Mr. Abhinav Suman, First Generation Entrepreneur, AIB Life Science Private Limited. This session was attended by 250 participants.

The objective for organizing this event was

a. To create awareness of different Idea Generation Techniques to solve societal or industrial problems among students and

b. To help students refine their ideas through systematic approach towards idea generation.

From this webinar Students were able to know how to scan the business environment to identify the problem, how Ideas and Opportunities differ and the systematic method of idea generation and problem solving.

The event started by welcoming the speaker for the event. Student volunteers compered the event successfully. They introduced the speaker, Mr. Abhinav Suman and handed over the session to the speaker. In his speech, Mr. Abhinav Suman covered his own experiences in setting up his venture, identifying opportunities, generating ideas and finally launching a venture. The session was extremely usedful considering the fact that he also explained a systematic way of identification of problems, idea generation and developing solutions to the problems of the society at large. The event ended with the vote of thanks.