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Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

Parents Teacher Meeting

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 |Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Nursing, Pune. |Events

Parent's teacher meet was conducted on 30/11/2021 at 11.00AM in the library, Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Nursing. Following faculties interacted with the parents of their respective wards.

Dr (Mrs.) Shweta Joshi: F.Y. B.Sc. Nursing coordinator

Mrs. Martha Raut: S.Y. B.Sc. Nursing coordinator

Dr (Mrs.) Nisha Naik: T.Y. B.Sc. Nursing coordinator

Dr (Mrs.) Kavita Kelkar: Final year B.Sc. Nursing coordinator

Dr (Mrs.) Sadhana Adhyapak: F.Y. M.Sc. Nursing coordinator

Ms. Vaishali Jagtap:  Final year M. Sc. Nursing coordinator

Mrs. Surekha Patil: First semester P. B. B.Sc. Nursing coordinator

Mrs. Ceena Albin: Final year P. B. B.Sc. Nursing coordinator

The meeting was organized in Library, Dr D Y Patil College of Nursing. It was one to one interaction of class coordinators with parents. Total 91 students’ parents interacted with the faculty.

F.Y.B. Sc. Nursing: 62

S.Y.B. Sc. Nursing: 03

T.Y. B. Sc. Nursing: 05

Final B.Sc. Nursing: 06

First year M. Sc Nursing: 01

Final year M. Sc Nursing: ---

First year P. B. B. B.Sc. Nursing: 05

Final year P. B. B. B.Sc. Nursing: 09

The agenda discussed was as follows. 

  • Progress of ward & examination – Unit test I result was discussed with the parents. Weak areas of the study were informed to parents. Parents were also informed about upcoming examinations i.e., prefinal examination & final examination. It was a great interaction between parents & teachers to have students’ overall development.


  • Rules & regulations – Parents were informed to tell their wards to follow general rules & regulations of the college. They were also told to tell their wards to contact teachers or mentors in case of any problem. Parents were informed about ERP software available for students.


  • Attendance of students - Class coordinators informed parents about their wards’ attendance. It was emphasized that if their ward’s attendance is not adequate, they will not be allowed to appear for final examination.

Parents appreciated college infrastructure, laboratories, library, and faculty.

Parents were served with tea & biscuits. The meeting was adjourned at 1.00PM.