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Management Games

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 |GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL & RESEARCH CENTRE Tathawade, Pune 411033. |Cultural Activities

In order toinculcate the spirit of team work and cohesiveness, a session on Managementgames was organized for the MBA 1st Year students.

The first sessionwas building a tower using old newspapers was taken by Dr. Sharmishta Deshmukh.A total of 15 teams of 10 students each, participated. The students wereinstructed to make a free standing tower. They were not provided with any othermaterial apart from old newspapers. The team with the tallest tower won.

The second sessionwas conducted by Prof. Anu Alex. The students were asked to choose chits from abowl, which contained the names of states of different countries. The studentshad to check with fellow students and form groups of their respective countries.The group which took minimum time to assemble together was declared the winner.They also played a ring game. 13 groups participated the participants had topass a ring by making a human chain, from one end of the chain to the otherend. The group which was able to make to the other end by taking min time wasdeclared as the winner.

The third sessionwas conducted by Prof. Smarjeet Das. The first Game was Chinese whisper inaction. A group of 40 students were asked to stand facing the wall. The firststudent was shown an action to be enacted. The student had to enact the actiononly to the second student. The second student was supposed to pass on theaction to the third and so on. It was entertaining to see the students performactions, and also surprising to see how the action had got distorted by thetime the last student got to perform the action. The second game was passing ahuman parcel across students who were seated in a line on the floor. The groupwhich was able to pass the human parcel in min. time was declared as thewinner.

All the 3 gamessimulated the real world in terms of time management, thinking skills,creativity and team work. Every participant enjoyed the activities andassimilated learning by doing.