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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest session on Road safety awareness

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 |GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL & RESEARCH CENTRE Tathawade, Pune 411033. |Guest Lecture

Ms. Monika Joshi andCol. Ravi from Tata technologies was invited on campus to conduct a session onRoad safety awareness. Col. Ravi spoke at length on the various safety aspectswhile driving. He also spoke about the various risks of travelling on a 2 wheeler.The various stressful situations that can be encountered while driving and howit can be handled were discussed. The best and safest mode of transport asmentioned by the speaker was public transport and four-wheelers. Howevervarious points of safety while driving 4 wheelers were also discussed. Theimportance of wearing a seat belt and a helmet was emphasized. The speaker alsogave real-life examples of how small negligence can turn fatal. The sessionwas made interesting by 4 teams that enacted out of life situations.

Later part of thesession also included a demonstration of how fire can be put out in case of afire emergency.  The students alsoactively took turns in operating the fire extinguisher.