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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest session on Importance of MBA in the corporate world

Friday, August 09, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Guest Lecture

Dr. Rahul Vyas,Western head (Dealer development), Mahindra & Mahindra, was invitedfor a guest session on the importance of MBA in the corporate world.

Dr. Vyas initiatedthe session by honoring Raj Gaikwad, student of MBA 2nd year batch 2018-20 foroutstanding performance in a summer internship in his company.

After that Dr. Vyasstarted the session addressing the importance of being an MBA post-graduate inhis life by sharing his years of experience where he felt low and shame notbeing an MBA and stuck at same place incorporate for years and watching MBA graduateswho were his juniors passing by and earning promotions and rewards in thecompany.

He also talked abouthow MBA changes the person thinking ability and way of handling the humanaspects of the organization.

He shared hisexperience where after a certain period working in corporate, he felt theextreme need of pursuing an MBA to gain more handling & managing peopleskills.

After that, hetalked about his experience as an interviewer, where he guided students on howto crack every interview. Personality, Body language, confidence, punctuality,domain knowledge, all are as equally important for cracking any Job interview.

After that, heshared his experience with the challenges faced by him in different companiesand how to overcome those challenges if faced by students.

In the end, hetalked about the difference between an MBA & a Non- MBA, Thus explainingstudents about the importance of MBA skills in the corporate world.

He then ended thesession by answering student's questions and doubts.