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Global Business School & Research Centre

In House Entrepreneurial Activity

Friday, August 09, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Cultural Activities

On 9th August 2019,entrepreneurial activity was organized for MBA First Year students at GBSRCCampus.

This activity was 3hrs long and was conducted within the campus, forming groups, each consisted of10 students and 19 groups participated enthusiastically.

The activitycommenced after a lunch break where each group could invest maximum Rs. 500 toarrange the tools required for the product to be sold or the service rendered.The motive of the activity was to measure the creativity, strategic planning,management decisions, negotiation skills, and presentation skills, etc.

Every studentperformed energetically and left no stone unturned in making this activity funas well as a huge success.

It served as a greatplatform for students to showcase their talents; from delicious food dishes tofun learning games to some amazing hospitality services.

The students notonly sold the products/services but donated to the flood-affected regions fromthe profits earned.

It ended with anevaluation round addressing the respected judges and the participants with someextraordinary presentation skills.

Three winners wereannounced judged based on creativity & innovative skills, management &profitability and Presentation skills and dispersed with a sincere hope thatsuch activities would be organized time and again.