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Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre

Celebration of 36th National Eye Donation Fortnight 2021

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - Wednesday, September 08, 2021 |Department of Ophthalmology |Events

The Department of Ophthalmology celebrated 36th National Eye Donation Fortnight 2021 from 25th August 2021 to 8th September 2021 as per the following schedule:-

Sr. No.




30th August 2021

Inauguration of Poster Competition


5th September 2021

Eye donation Rally in association with Poona Ophthalmological Society


8th September 2021

Online Programme:

· Prize Distribution of Poster Competition

· Guest Lecture

· The Department of Ophthalmology of Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune had organized Eye Donation Awareness Programme on occasion of 36th National Eye Donation Fortnight 2021 from 25th August 2021 to 8th September 2021 which is celebrated all over the country with the Theme: Vision Is A Gift. Pass It On, to create awareness among public about eye donation.

· The department conducted various events in the above-mentioned time period under the able guidance of Head of Department Dr. (Col) Shashi Prabha Prasad & Eye Bank Incharge Dr. O.K. Radhakrishnan. The support extended from our College Management Hon. Pro Chancellor Dr. Bhagyashree Patil Madam, Hon. Treasurer DPU Dr Yashraj Patil Sir and Dean Dr J.S. Bhawalkar gave the department a chance to conduct various events smoothly.

· The Programme started with POSTER Competition for Students from Medical College (MBBS, Interns & PostGraduate), Students from College of Optometry and College of Nursing of Dr D Y Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune. The faculty members of the department of Ophthalmology were also inspired to participate in the competition and submitted beautiful posters made by them.

· There huge entries from students and faculty members and their posters were displayed on the display boards at the hospital gates for exhibition for patients and DPU Staff to see ,so that it instigates them to observe and ask any queries which arise in their minds about Facts and Myths of Eye Donation .Post Graduate Students from Department of Ophthalmology helped solve queries of all and they also counselled many patients and relatives to pledge their eye for eye donation. At least 3000 people were instigated to think about eye donation during the fortnight when they visited the exhibition.

· All the entries in the POSTER Competition were wonderfully made with a lot of enthusiasm and had lots of messages for the general public and were made in Oil Pastels,Water Colours,Sketches and Digital Media.

· Dr. Parikshit Gogate (Hon. President Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society 2020-21), Renowned Cornea Specialist Dr Pranav More were the judges for the POSTER Competition. They were amazed at the themes and creativity shown by participants. They also suggested that prizes be given for different categories like theme, creativity, art, etc. so that students are get a boost for participation & ideas.

· The enteries also included digital POSTERS which themselves were a competition in a competition like the ones made by Post Graduate Student Dr Aditya Ganesh. He had also made a bar code to scan the poster and give answers to his Guess What is the slogan contest which was well appreciated by all. A few students mentioned that they got to learn to make digital posters, thanks to the competition and a few others like Dr Varsha Manade ( Faculty Member)said they made sketches after many years.

· The Students of College of Optometry from Dr.D.Y.Patil College, on 3rd September 2021 had organized a rally in collaboration with Department of Ophthalmology and about 100 optometry students participated in the Rally for creating awareness inside and around the College premise.

· They also performed a skit with slogans and songs with 15-20 participants ,first in YCM Hospital premise and then in our college and hospital premise to create awareness about eye donation .They then proceeded to the place of the exhibition to see and appreciate the POSTERs made by their colleagues and medical college students.

· The following event, was an eye donation awareness rally by Department of Ophthalmology ,organized in association with Poona Ophthalmological Society and Lions International Pune at Sarasbaug Pune and IMA Tilak Road Pune.

· 20 Post Graduate Students from Department of Ophthalmology Dr. DYPMC joined the Eye Donation Rally which started from the main gate of Sarasbaug at 7 .00 am on 5th September 2021 (Sunday) along with President Poona Ophthalmological Society Dr Sanjay Tekawade and other Office Bearers ,President of Lions International and President IMA Pune and walked on the walking track of Sarasbaug and distributed Face Masks with printed slogans of Eye Donation to morning walkers and joggers in the jogging park. The rally was also attended by Vice President of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society Dr Jignesh Taswala and Ophthamology Faculty Dr Radhika Paranjpe & 50 more members from POS ,IMA & Lions Club International.

· Post Graduate students enthusiastically participated in the rally and were delighted to breathe fresh air early in the morning .Around 200 masks with eye donation slogans were distributed by our students and they also carried banners of eye donation and POSTERS made by them .They also shouted slogans for creating awareness of eye donation .The Rally then reached IMA Tilak Road Pune which was followed by felicitation of dignitaries present and then the whole rally walked to nearby Hotel Kalpana to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast. The breakfast was organised by Poona Ophthalmological Society for all the participants of the Rally.

· The last event was an online Guest Lecture along with announcement of prize winners of the POSTER Competition.

· The Guest Lecture was delivered by Senior Renowned Cornea Specialist Dr Sangeeta Wagh from Ruby Hall Clinic Pune.Dr Wagh is a member of Board of Trustees of the Prestigious L.V.Prasad Eye Institute Hyderabad and has a vast experience in eye donation and keratoplasy under her belt. She has treated thousands of corneal blindness cases to give them the gift of sight.

· The Zoom Guest Lecture started at 2.00 pm on 8th September 2021 and was attended by 85 Faculty & Students from Medical,Optometry & Nursing College.The programme started with Dr Radhika Paranjpe giving a brief introduction about the fortnight celebrations followed by a beautiful video made by MBBS Student Anand Godbole showing the photos of various events of the Celebration of Fortnight.

· The Introduction of the Guest Lecturer Dr Sangeeta Wagh was given by Eye Bank In Charge Dr(Col) O.K. Radhakrishnan and he also invited the Dean Dr.Jitendra Bhawalkar to say a few words. Dr Bhawalkar along with a few encouraging words for the programme, also invited Dr Sangeeta Wagh to visit our institute and guide us for improving the services of eye bank.

· Dr Sangeeta Wagh started her presentation with a very emotional film on eye donation and then proceeded to her talk on eye donation dos and donts and lastly followed by techniques of Keratoplasty .Q& A session was conducted in which Dr Sangeeta Wagh answered queries from Students & Faculty about eye donation and keratoplasty .

· The prize winners were announced by Professor Abhay Lune in 3 categories ,namely UG MBBS Students, PG Students Category and Optometry Students Category .He Congratulated the winners and appreciated the participants .He also delivered the Vote of Thanks to Dr Sangeeta Wagh ,the College Management,Faculty,& Students from various colleges attending the programme and participating in large numbers.

· The fortnight ended on a very promising future plan to continue creating awareness about eye donation in the society and improve the services of our Eye Bank.