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Amit Goyal – edX Webinar

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 |Online webinar |Events

Mr Amit Goyal, India & S.E. Asia Head for edX was invited on 25th Aug 2021 to conduct an Online webinar on the Changing landscapes of Learning. He commenced his session by emphasising the importance of becoming a lifelong learner

He emphasized that the COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges, but it also opened up new opportunities to come together and support one another. Online learning has never been more critical to the success of higher education than it is today. Since COVID-19 began, the departments and teams that deliver innovation and resources for online learning are in high demand.

In this speech, he shared some of the key takeaways i.e. Why blended learning will be a key component of teaching and learning beyond the pandemic, how to leverage faculty creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm to drive initiatives forward and finally the importance of cultivating an organizational digital culture. He underscored the importance of empathy and trust as higher education professionals continue to navigate a path forward. He said it’s vital to forge a path towards digital transformation to face common challenges head on, learning from each other.