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Global Business School & Research Centre

Alumni Interaction Guest Session

Saturday, September 18, 2021 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Pune |Events

A alumni interaction guest session was organized for the MBA Sem I & III – ABM students of GBSRC on Saturday, 18th September 2021. The session started with welcome note given by Dr. Shripad V Joshi sir followed by an introduction given by Mr. Shivraj Kadam. 30 students were present for the alumni interaction session.

The guest speaker were Miss Prajakta Pawar, Mr. Akshay Pawar, Mr. Akshay Ukride. Miss Prajakta Pawar is a financial service consultant in ICICI Prudential. Mr. Akshay Pawar works as assistant manager in Reliance Retail Ltd. Mr. Akshay Ukride works as admission coordinator at DPU GBSRC.

Miss Prajakta explained the build up the confidence while interact with manager also dealing customers. She told the importance of learn excel well. She also told us that either you are an extrovert or an introvert person you will have to speak up in interview. So, built confidence & well communication by coming on stage.

Mr. Akshay Pawar shared some important points regarding interview. He told we should be punctual, be clear, be confident. He also told we should cover all activities in introduction in 6-7 points & we should always have smile on face. Other than that, we should fix our field & check updates regarding companies.

Mr. Akshay Ukride spokes about leadership quality. He discussed first of all we should make well connection to others, take part in all activities & by that bring leadership skill in yourself. He told we should be focused with our goals & dreams after that only we can grab opportunity.

The alumni interaction session ended with a question & answer followed by a vote of thanks given by Mr. Siddharth Narole.