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Induction Program of BBA 2021-24 Batch

Wednesday, September 01, 2021 - Tuesday, September 07, 2021 |Global Business School and Research Centre, Pune |Events

Event - Induction Program of BBA 2021-24 Batch

Date – 07th September 2021

Global Business School and Research Centre, Pune organized a four - day induction program for its BBA 2021-24 batch. The induction program was organized for getting students familiarized to college, faculty members, staff, campus, rules and regulations etc. Induction program is the first step of students towards their three-year journey of graduation. So, college organized an informative, engaging and entertaining induction program.

Day I – 1st September 2021

The day started with registration process of students. Newly admitted students came to the registration counter of college. Ms. Payal Kuwatada & Ms. Kalyani Thakare welcomed students with roses, chocolates & registration kit. Students registered themselves on the reporting sheet. Fifty students reported on the first day to college. Students had snacks after the registration. 

The program started with inauguration session by Director, Dr. Dr. Chetan Chaudhari. In his welcome session, Dr. Chaudhari congratulated students for securing admission at GBSRC from the entrance exam. He introduced the D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth and Global Business School and Research Centre, Pune to students. He explained the various expectations which college has from its students. Students asked various queries which was satisfactorily answered by Dr. Chaudhari. The session was concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Priyanka Bachhav.

After the Director’s interaction with students, faculty introduction session was conducted. All faculty members introduced themselves to the students. Faculty members shared their educational qualifications, work experience details, research details, roles and responsibilities carried out by the faculty members etc. Admission team of GBSRC also introduced themselves to students. Students were very happy to see their teachers.

Students were divided into two groups and taken for campus tour. Students were shown their classrooms, library, computer lab, placement cell, research cell, faculty cabin, admin office, parking space, sport facility, ATM, hostel, canteen etc. The main aim of this activity to make students familiar with the college campus. The activity was conducted by Mr. Littin Sebastian & Ms. Kalyani Thakare with student coordinators.

Students were taken to Ice-Breaking activities after the lunch break. Students played few games like Balloon Games & Bucket List. Students were divided into five groups for the games. The main aim of these ice-breaking activities was to make students participate & to jell students with each other. Dr. Akansha Mehta & Prof. Manesh Palav conducted this session successfully. The winner team was felicitated at the last.

Day II – 2nd September 2021

Day two started with an interactive session with Dr. Snehal Maheshkar. She started the session by explaining the journey of a student in GBSRC. Dr. Maheshkar introduced the events, activities etc. to the students. She showed the imaginary picture of upcoming three years on GBSRC campus. Students asked various questions related to activities conducted by the college which was answered by Dr. Maheshkar.

Second session for the day was conducted by Dr. Priyanka Bobade. The session was about ‘Introduction to ERP’. ERP is the integral and important part of teaching learning process of GBSRC. ERP is used for notes sharing, assignment submission, attendance monitoring, notices etc. Dr. Bobade shown each and every section of ERP to students, explained about use of it and how to operate the ERP. Students reported that the session was very informative.

Management games were coordinated by Dr. Vilis Pawar & Dr. Akansha Mehta after the lunch break. Students played various management games like ‘Tower Building’. Students were divided into four teams and provided with papers, stapler, scissor, glue etc. Students were expected to build tallest & stable tower of within given period of time. Students learn analysis of available resources, optimum utilization of resources, time management, working in team etc. from this management game. 

Day III– 3rd September 2021

Third day of the induction program started with the session on ‘Assessment Pattern & Examination System’ by Dr. Babasaheb Jadhav. He explaied about the examination pattern at GBSRC. He introduced various assesment exminations like mid semster, end term exmination, university examination etc. to students. He explained the passing marks, examination patterns, paper checking etc.

(Dr. Babasaheb Jadhav during the session - ‘Assessment Pattern & Examination System’)

The second session for the day was conducted by Mr. Ketan Gandhi who is a Consultant at Prasham Innovation Management OPC Pvt Ltd and KG Guruji consulting and services. Mr. Gandhi has introduced students to the corporate world. He explained about the industry expectations from students. He urged the students that they should use these three years of time for overall development.

Number tapping (management game) was conducted after the lunch break. Students were divided into four teams. Students were expected to tap number from one to fifty in shortest possible time. The game taught time management, team playing, coordination etc. to students. The activity was conducted by Prof. Abhijit Vhatkar, Dr. Akansha Mehta and Dr. Jayashree Patole. Students had a great time playing this management game.

Day IV– 4th September 2021

Fourth day started with the ‘Course Introduction & Teaching Learning Pedagogy’ session by Dr. Aparajita Singh. She introduced everyone to the course of BBA and various subjects in the course. She introduced various specializations offered for BBA students. Dr. Singh helped students to understand Teaching Learning Pedagogy at GBSRC.

Online corporate guest session was conducted by Mr. Amol Walimbe, operations manager at Biotech Solutions LTD in Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. Walimbe talked about the marketing and business development in New Zealand. He informed the Various fields/ sectors of trade in which New Zealand excels. He also talked about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected New Zealand and their trad, benefits of trading with New Zealand etc. Students attended the session on Zoom from smart classroom.

Students enjoyed cultural program at the last of Induction program. The event was anchored by Ms. Durva Satardekar and Mr. Shreyas Sinha of SY-BBA. Singing, dancing, poetry, skit and various other performances were appreciated by the faculty and the students of first year BBA. Overall, the enthusiasm of the FY-BBA students added a sparkle to the event.

The induction was sucessfully conducted by Prof. Abhijit Vhatkar, Dr. Jayashree Patole, Dr. Priyanka Bachhav with the help of staff, faculty members, student volunteers and under the guidance of Director, Dr. Chetan Chaudhari.