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Dr. D. Y. Patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics Institute

Alumni Contribution to the Institute

Saturday, December 09, 2017 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Institute Tathawade, Pune 411033. |Alumni Activity

Dr. Chandan Barhate, a 2009 M.Tech. (Integrated) Biotechnology student conducted an interactive session with our students on the 9th of December, 2017. Dr. Barhate completed his Ph.D. from University of Texas in 2017 and currently is working as a Senior Scientist (Chemistry) at AbbVie, USA.

In his seminar, he explained the various steps to be considered during a Ph.D. application. This included documents required, narrowing research interest, focusing on competitive examinations and various criteria to be considered before the application procedure. Additionally, he also elaborated on “how one chooses a laboratory to apply for a Ph.D.’ and how to contact the principal investigator for a Ph.D. Dr. Barhate also shared his personal experience of how he had to change laboratories for his Ph.D. work. He answered a lot of queries asked by the students and cleared all their doubts they had with respect to doing a Ph.D. He also explained how one can transit from academia to industry. His talk was very elaborative and very helpful to our students aspiring for higher studies