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Webinar on “IP Schemes and Incentives for Startups and SMEs”

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 |Online |Seminar

A webinar on the topic “IP Schemes and Incentives for Startups and SMEs was organized for the BBA (all semester) and MBA Semester II students of GBSRC on Monday, 16th June 2021. The webinar was organized by the Associated Chambers Of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), Qualcom, Cell for IPR Promotion & Management (CIPAM), Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC), Startup & Innovation institutions of Govt. of India . The Webinar was supported by Global Business School and Research Centre along with few other partners. 42 Students and 2 faculty members participated in the webinar.

The eminent speakers for the webinar were as follows: Dr. Hemang Shah-Co Chairman ASSOCHAM IPR Council, India Engineering Lead Qualcom Technology ,Ms.Astha Grover-Head - Startup India Hub, Invest India, Ms. Meena Nagaraj-MD -Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society - Startup Karnataka, Ms. Deepthi Ravula-CEO - We HUB Govt. of Telengana 5.Mr.Sudeepto Roy-Vice President - Engineering – Qualcom,Ms. Rashmee Pimpale - CEO  Research and Innovation center of Hyderabad

Dr. Hemang Shah started off the Webinar by giving a brief introduction on the importance of Innovation in India and objective of conducting a webinar on the topic of Innovation. The first speaker of the Webinar was Mr.Sudeepto Roy. Mr. Roy Spoke about the Scheme for Facilitating Startups Intellectual Property Protection (SIIP) promoted by the Government of India to encourage and facilitate IPR protection by Startups. The Scheme is implemented by the office of CGPDTM and provides facilitators to start ups for filing and processing of their applications for patents, designs and trademarks. Professional charges of the facilitators are reimbursed by the office of CGPDTM as per provisions under SIPP scheme. He also spoke on how in addition to the technology and Business model development, protecting innovations is a key part of a successful startups core strategy.

Ms. Meena Nagaraj spoke at length on the important role played by Intellectual property in bringing about economic development and employment generation in the country. MSNatraj spoke in detail about the schemes nurtured by the government of Karnataka to protecting IP rights of people. Government has created a conducive and robust eco system for the growth of intellectual property. Ms.Nagaraj touched upon the following points: Sector specific policies, Patent facilitation program, tax incentives, given by the Govt. of Karnataka to aid creation and development of vibrant eco system to support the Entrepreneur sector.

Ms. Deepthi Ravula spoke about the work carried out by WE HUB , which is India’s First State-led incubator for Women Entrepreneurs. The vision of WE HUB is to establish WE Hub as a one stop destination and a soft landing platform for all the women led startups across the country and promote Hyderabad as a business destination for Women Entrepreneurs in India. Mission of WE HUB is to foster and promote women entrepreneurship to startup, scale up, and accelerate with global market access in Telangana and across India. WE hub is also a sectorial incubator for any kind of startup.

Ms. Rashmi Pimpale , spoke about the work carried out by Research and Innovation center of Hyderabad. RICH works with the startups to help them connect with the markets and industry , specially startups in life sciences etc.. Ms. Pimpale also spoke on the prevalence and   importance of intellectual Property in our daily lives. Not protecting IP , at the right time could mean a loss of serious opportunity . IP is not the reserve of large business, but critical to the success of small enterprises as well.

Ms. Astha Grover spoke on the distinguishing factor between startup and MSME(Medium and small scale enterprises). She spoke at length on types of Innovations. Ms. Grover spoke about how an innovation, which could be project based or process based or product based, could be protected . There are various Central Govt. policies, State Govt. policies, Sectorial policies supported by the government of India to nurture new and small enterprises.

The session ended, with the vote of thanks given by Mr Dr. Hemang Shah.