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Global Business School & Research Centre

Inauguration of ‘Startup and Innovation Cell’

Thursday, June 20, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Cultural Activities

GBSRC endorses inletter and spirit the initiative of the Government of India, to catalyzestartup culture and build a strong and inclusive ecosystem for innovation andentrepreneurship in India. With this background, the ‘Startup and InnovationCell’ has been constituted with the following members:



Dr. Leena B. Dam

Coordinators (Faculties)

Dr. Sharmistha Devideshmukh


Prof. Vatsala Manjunathan

Members (Student Coordinators)

Piyush Mishra MBA


Smrutirekha Dash - MBA


Soji Varughese - MBA


Prateek Jha - BBA

Invitee Members ( from industry)

Dr. Apoorva Palkar (Director, Innovation Center, SPPU)


Mr. Manish Patil (CEO,


The aim of the‘Startup and Innovation Cell’ is to promote innovation from four quarters

1. Faculty-drivenInnovation

2. Student-drivenInnovation

3. Industry-drivenInnovation

4. Alumni drivenInnovation


The ‘Startup andInnovation Cell’ of GBSRC was inaugurated on 20th June 2019 by the august handsof Dr. Apoorva Palkar (Director – Innovation Cell, SPPU). The guest of honorwas Dr. Avinash Thakur (Head & CEO – DPU Incubation Centre, IP ConsultantDr. D.Y. Patil Unitech Society, Pune)

After the ceremonialred ribbon cutting, Dr. Chetan Chaudhari (Director GBSRC) felicitated andwelcomed the guests. He narrated the zeal shown by the students in theformation of the cell. Also, the facilities to be provided under this cell werehighlighted.


Dr. Apoorva Palkarin her captivating inaugural address mentioned that India and Startups have aprominent position across the globe. It is time the Indian education systemshifts from rote learning and marks based studying. Startup and Innovationecosystem bring in a new order of learning. The currency of the future isinnovation and it starts from one’s thought process. Innovation does notconfine to only innovating a novel product. Keen observation and understandingpeople’s need are the drivers of successful innovators. With impetus from theGovernment machinery, the Startup and Innovation culture is vibrant and robustall across the country. However, only 2 % of the Startup ecosystem isrepresented by Pune ventures. Her message was loud and clear to the students.She urged upon them to maximize the facilities provided by the institute andcreate their own footprints in the Startup and Innovation Ecosystem.


Dr. Avinash Thakurstarted his session with an activity. Participants in pair were to draw scenerywithin a minute silently. The results of the activity showed that scenery wasrestricted to objects like hills, mountains, river, house, birds, tree, flowers,etc. This reflects the deep-rooted repetitive pattern we have formed forourselves. But the thrust of Startup and Innovation lies in thinking out of thebox. For an idea that ignites passion, spark, and excitement, there are aplethora of options to fund the idea/project. The need is to create aninnovative mindset professional. This will help the thinkers to embark on ajourney of creation, create opportunities and products that are sustainable andhealthy. The field is set and students need to start the ball rolling.


The Programme cameto its logical end with Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Leena Dam to HonourableChancellor Dr. P. D. Patil, Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. N.J. Pawar andHonourable Secretary, Dr. Somnath Patil of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth for theirconstant support and guidance.