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Global Business School & Research Centre

Workshop on Research Methodology

Friday, March 01, 2019 |Global Business School & Research Centre Tathawade, Pune |Workshop

Description: AWorkshop on Research Methodology was conducted by Prof. Satish Pawar. He iscurrently serving as Director Research - ASM's Institute of Business Managementand Research, Chinchwad, Pune. He was felicitated by Dr. Chetan Chaudhari -director GBSRC.

The sessioncommenced with an introductory remark of the basic purpose of the workshop byDr. Leena Dam. She highlighted the challenges which students facing whenconducting primary research, the roadblocks in data handling, and dataanalysis.


The speakerinitiated his session by discussing the characteristics of social scienceresearch. It is exploring relationship and causality between two or morefactors in a systematic manner. He spoke about the quantitative and qualitativeresearch as two broad methodological approaches for doing research. He coveredbasic differences between these two approaches on various methodologicalparameters. As a part of quantitative research, the importance of the surveymethod in research and its implications were discussed in detail. The speakerpointed out that the basic survey procedure as used in social science is madeup of a combination of techniques borrowed from various disciplines. The surveyapproach has been one of the more popular and dominant social research methodsmainly due to the development of sampling techniques as they enabled inferencesto be made about a population from the sample of a population. He alsoaddressed the various tools available to test the hypothesis and draw aconclusion.

The session evokedquestions among participants to which the speaker explained with research-basedpieces of evidence.