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Global Business School & Research Centre

“IPR & Management”

Thursday, June 24, 2021 |Online |Guest Lecture

A guest session on “IPR & Management” was organized for faculties of GBSRC by IQAC & ICC (Institution’s Innovation Council) on Thursday, June 24th 2021. The session started with welcome note & introduction given by Dr. Deepali Garge, Associate Professor of GBSRC. 31 Teaching members were present for the Guest Session.

The guest speaker was, Dr. Shweta Singh. Dr. Shweta Singh is the CEO & founder of of Ennoble IP company. She featured in Forbes India Marque November 2020 edition. She is awarded as Exceptional Woman of Excellence and Iconic Women of the year by Woman Economic Forum in 2019. She has authored 3 books showcasing the virtues of IPR, Women Empowerment and Bioethics. She is awarded “CEO of the Year 2018” at India IT Summit. She has published more than 15 national and international research papers. She is actively involved in training, coaching programs as it is her passion to strengthen the Startup Ecosystem. She is also the author of multiple articles related to innovation, IP and startups.

Dr. Shweta explained the importance of IPR, Procedure of filing Patent & Copyrights. She also focused on legal aspects in IP management. She spoke at length about the Patent filing procedure and how one is to go about the filing patents as an individual and as an institution.

People often confuse the terms such as Copy Right, Trade Mark, Geographical Indication, Patent and are seen using them interchangeably, Dr. Shweta explained each term with suitable examples and also told the subtle differences in them.

She also narrated her experiences of finding and raiding fake products which have violated the Copy Rights or are infringing the rights of the patents owned by other more established brands.

Toward the end of her session she showed the audience the practical ways in which one can check if a patent has been actually filed and if it is indeed filed then it is in which stage of the filing procedure, that way educational institutions can verify the authenticity of claims made by their students and teachers regarding patent filing.

Everyone enjoyed the session very well as it was filled with a lot of anecdotes, quotes and examples form her unique real life experiences. The session ended with a question-and-answer followed by vote of thanks given by the Dr. Vilis Pawar, Assistant Professor, GBSRC.