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Managing life & career in Covid & post Covid time frame

Saturday, May 08, 2021 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

A Corporate guest session on “Managing life & career in Covid & post-Covid time frame” was organized for the BBA (all semester) students of GBSRC on Saturday, May 8th, 2021. The session started with a welcome note given by Mrs. Vatsala Manjunath followed by an introduction of the speaker given by Ms. Pragati Meshram. 66 Students were present for the CGS.

The guest speaker was, Mr. Vikrant Bhujbalrao. Mr. Vikrant is an amazon Bestseller Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Startup Coach, YouTube, Blogger & a Motivational speaker. He completed his MBA from one of the top institutes PUMBA majoring in Finance& Marketing.

He explained the importance of mental strength during pandemic. He emphasized living life at present moment. He also told his lockdown story. He encouraged students to treat an unexpected challenge like question papers. He gave students key lessons which would help them to deal with the pandemic situation. The speaker discussed some important facts about their environment and accepting unwanted situations. He spoke about the importance of being positive. The speaker emphasized that whatever be the situation one should learn not to panic, deal with the situation piecemeal, go slow, and observe what is happening. When the mind is calm it is easy to respond in the best possible way after all possibilities are considered. The speaker gave his own example where he did not give up after he failed in his first entrepreneurial venture, but with his perseverance, he is now a very successful speaker. He also encouraged the students to read good books. Sir even suggested the names of a few authors. He implores the students to always have a positive outlook towards life.

The CGS ended with a question-and-answer session. The speaker answered several questions from the students as to “how one can remain positive even in these challenging times?” followed by a vote of thanks given by Mr. Shreyash Eesh.