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Corporate Guest Session on “How to use trade statistics for export and import decision making”

Saturday, April 17, 2021 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

A Corporate guest session on “ How to use trade statistics for export and import decision making” was organized for the MBA and BBA (all semester) students of GBSRC on Saturday, April 17th, 2021. The session started with a welcome note given by Ms. Shraddha Kadam followed by an introduction given by Ms. Durva Satardekar. 170 students were present for the session.

The guest speaker, Mr. Anmol Modi is currently the director of Plusme strategies which has partnered with conglomerates in Ghana, Liberia, and Zimbabwe for transferring technology from India.  He has completed his bachelor of technology in mechanical engineering and is now pursuing MBA in finance from Welingkar institute of management. He was a senior manager at the global network. He was called as a visiting faculty in Global Network Institute. Sir was also featured in the leading newspapers in Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar for promoting trade between these countries and India.


Mr. Modi discussed SPANCO Techniques. He spoke on how we can plan before exporting any commodity, what the first step to start International Business can be, and how we can build a database associated with it. He also introduced students to the Trade map which monitors Global Import and Export Data, the website of the Ministry of India which shows Import and Export Data in the Indian context, and the DGCIS website for Statewise export. How export and import of commodities can be tracked through various free sources of database and how it can be used for decision making related to trading were the key points discussed in the session.


The session ended with a question and answer round followed by the vote of thanks given by Ms. Ratna Singh.