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Global Business School & Research Centre

WHIZ 2021

Saturday, April 10, 2021 |Zoom App |Student Capability Enhancement and Skill development programme

Start up and Innovation cell of GBSRC organized, WHIZ 2021 to instill the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among the students. WHIZ 2021 was scheduled for Saturday, 10 April 2021. The competitions were conducted online using the Zoom platform. Whiz started with an inauguration session, followed by the scheduled online competitions.

1. Elocution – “My Favorite Entrepreneur”,

2. Presentations – Startup firm in India,

3. Quiz - Startup and Entrepreneurship


Inauguration: WHIZ 2021 was inaugurated by Dr Leena Dam Professor, Head Startup and Innovation cell, GBSRC. Dr. Leena spoke on the relevance of Entrepreneurship in today’s VUCA world. Dr. Dam also said that activities like WHIZ 2021 going forward, would play a major role in realizing the dream of “ Make in India”. 32 students’ participated in the inauguration ceremony.

Elocution: The theme for the elocution competition was “My favorite Entrepreneur”. The competition received a very good response from the students. 10 students registered for the competition. The students spoke on their choice of entrepreneurs, from India and around the world. Ms.Komal Thete(BBA I ) & Ms. Aishwarya Menon(MBA I) were judged to be the winners together and Mr.Prateek Chandra Jha (BBA III) was declared as the runner-up.82 students were an audience to the competition

Start up Firm Presentation: 3 teams were selected from the list of students who registered themselves for the Startup Firm Presentation competition. Ms.Harshada Kolekar, Mr.Pradyanesh Patke were judged as the winner, Ms.Kavyayani Patil, Mr.Devankush S.Pagrut (MBA I), and Mr.Jugal Patel (MBA I) was declared as the runner up.12 students were an audience to the competition.

Quiz – Startup and Entrepreneurship: 10 teams registered themselves for the quiz. The quiz had two rounds. Each team was asked 3 questions, without a pass in the first round. First-round was an elimination round. Only 5 teams moved to the second round. Each team qualified to move to the second round was asked 3 questions. The question was allowed to make only one pass to the other teams.  126 students were an audience to the competition. Mr.Jeet Parekh and a team of four participants were declared as the winners. Mr.Amandeep Singh Sandhu and a team of four participants were declared as the runners-up.