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Guest Lecture on Meeting credit requirement of farmers and Agro industries

Saturday, April 03, 2021 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

On 03rd April 2021, a guest lecture on Meeting the credit requirement of farmers and agro-industries was organized at GBSRC for MBA ABM students. For the guest lecture Mr. Ravikumar Kshirsagar (Asst. Vice President, Samunnati Agro Solutions, Mumbai), Dr. Harshal Raje, and Prof. Mandar Brahme, Asst. Professor GBSRC along with 44 students were present.

The guest lecture commenced with the introduction of Guest Mr. Ravikumar Kshirsagar by Dr. Harshal Raje.

Thereafter, Ravikumar Kshirsagar interacted with the participants asking them various questions regarding their views on credit requirement and expressed his thoughts on the topic. He also stressed are difficulties farmers and agro-industries are facing towards getting credit.

In his session he guided the students on following aspects:

  • Career opportunities in Agri Finance Sector
  • Verticals in Agri Industries.
  • How Samunnati works for farmers
  • Credit needs by agro-industries and fulfilling them through Samunnati Platforms.
  • Meeting credit requirement of Startups.

Dr. Harshal Raje concluded the inaugural event by proposing the vote of thanks. In his speech, he thanked Hon’ble Secretary and Trustee of DPU, Director, Prof. Mandar Brahme, and students for being enablers in organizing this Guest Lecture on Meeting the credit requirement of farmers and agro-industries.