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Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing


Monday, April 08, 2019 |OPD DR D .Y .PATIL HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE |International Commemorative Day

World Health Day wasobserved by first-year M.Sc Nursing students of Dr. D Y Patil College ofNursing Pimpri Pune 18, under the guidance of Class Coordinator Dr. SadhanaAdhyapak and Mrs. Martha Raut. The theme was “Universal Health Coverage: Everyone,Everywhere.”Activity conducted by students was poster exhibition, healtheducation and model, Poster exhibition was inaugurated by Principal Mrs. RupaliSalvi, Dr. D Y Patil College of Nursing, Pimpri Pune 18. Nursing Director Mrs.Trupta Suri  and MedicalSuperintendent  Dr. Chavan Sir waspresent.

Poster exhibitionwas on Health coverage ( policy, insurance) , Diet, Immunization, Theme, Safedrinking adequate water, Regular exercise( workout), the definition of health,Regular health checkup, Government universal health coverage, Hygiene.

The model was based onthe theme “ Universal Health Coverage: Everyone Everywhere.” It indicated that

Universal healthcoverage is “ for all”, without discrimination, leaving no one behind.Everyone everywhere has a right to benefit from health services they needwithout falling into poverty when using them.

Students have givenhealth education to patients and relatives attending OPD. Dean, HOD, faculties,Hospital authorities, Nursing Director, Nursing superintendent visited andappreciated students for their effort and enthusiasm on World Health Day. 200 to300 people visited poster exhibition posters on Overall impact of posterexhibition was good as reflected by clearing doubts and explaining queries.