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Corporate Guest Session on “Indian Banking Diaspora – Current trends and the way ahead”

Saturday, April 03, 2021 |Online |Guest Lecture

A Corporate guest session on “Indian Banking Diaspora – Current trends and the way ahead” was organized for the MBA Sem I and BBA (all semester) students of GBSRC on Saturday, April 03rd 2021. The session started with welcome note given by Asst. Prof. Mrs. Vatsala Manjunath followed by an introduction of the guest given by Ms. Arshi Praveen. 96 students were present for the CGS.

The guest speaker, Mr. Amit Ghodekar has 10 years of Core Banking Sector experience. Currently he is working as the Asst. Vice President in Bandhan Bank. He has done MBA with specialization in Finance. He has in-depth domain knowledge in Channel Operations, Direct Banking, Mobile Banking, Branch banking and Net Banking. He has also been awarded with 'Star Performer of the region' award in ICICI Bank Limited in the year 2005. Mr. Ghodekar had successfully over achieved the income target for the year 2010 and 2011 at HDFC Bank Limited.

Mr. Amit spoke about the banking sector right from the inception stage to the current situation. He spoke of the need for the banks to venture out in to the rural areas. According to the speaker, the future of the banking sector is going to be technology intensive. He spoke of the changes that will happen in the banking sector in the near future.

The following points were covered by the speaker

  • Presidency bank and establishment.
  • Social aspect of the banking sector.
  • Asset classification – dividing the loan into sub-category.
  • Dent in the banking sector (2007).
  • Microfinance – Bandhan Bank Limited came up for the poorest sector of the society who didn’t have did not any identity even.
  • Universal banking – offers all facilities to all customers.
  • Less use of demand draft in the coming years.
  • Dissolvement of traditional banking (Example: ATM cards, branch banking will see a downfall).
  • Artificial intelligence is the new normal now. Crypto currency is the new dynamic in the banking sector along with computing power.
  • Speaker gave an example of Chanakya and Artha Shastra of Kautilya.
  • Characteristics of a good manager in the banking sector.