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Global Business School & Research Centre

Corporate Guest Session on Sustainability Development

Saturday, March 20, 2021 |Online |Guest Lecture

IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) of  GBSRC under the   Alumni Lecture Series organized a session on  “Sustainability Management” for the MBA SEM IV students  on Saturday, 20th  March 2021. The session started with welcome note given by MBA SEM IV student Mr. Sagar Mathur. The speaker for the session was Mr. Atinder Pal Singh who is currently working with DOKYO GmbH as Lead Sustainability. 95 Students and 3 Faculty members were present for the session.

The speaker spoke on the topic of Sustainability management and the importance of sustainability management in Germany. Mr. Atinder spoke on how sustainability development can bring about a holistic development of the society we live. He spoke extensively on how sustainable development can expedite the goal of economic development in any nation. The speaker elaborated on the reasons as to why the Business and the Politicians show a keen interest in sustainability.

The following points were covered in the session

  • How sustainability is maintained by the businessmen.
  • Key value systems of business men which make the business sustainable
  • Brundlandt Commission and report was explained
  • GDP measurement was discussed
  • How can sustainability management help business
  • Sustainability of a county measured by Human development Index, Happy Planet Index, The Genuine Progress Indicator
  • Measurement of the happy planet index

A brief question and answer session was followed by a vote of thanks given by Mr. Sagar Mathur