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Corporate Guest Session on Summer Internship The First Corporate Exposure

Saturday, March 13, 2021 |GBSRC |Seminar

A Corporate guest session on “Summer Internship - The First Corporate Exposure” was organized for the MBA sem 2 students of GBSRC on Saturday, March 13th 2021. The session started with a welcome note and an introduction of the guest given by Mr Smarjeet Das. 101 students participated in the session.

The guest speaker, Mr. Rajendra Biniwale is a renowned career counsellor and a coach. A published author with an acumen for branding sales and marketing with more than 20 years of work experience. His expertise to identify ‘Right Fit’ manpower, through his well-designed methodology, is well acclaimed in the industry. Sir has placed more than 15,000 students in campus placements. He is the chief consultant at CARM consulting and the founder-director of ARISE. He is a gold medalist at graduation (B.A. English) and holds the third merit at post-graduation (M.A. English). He has also completed L.L.B. Additionally, he is the author of many best selling books.

The following points were covered by the speaker:

? Why MBA?

? Why MBA over Graduate?

? Displaying covert behaviour and thoughts.

? Working on the skills you lack.

? How to work on a personal skill-set? ( Personal Goal).

? How to answer ‘Why should I hire you?’.

? Any work you do, do it with perfection.

There was a question and answer session. The CGS ended with a vote of thanks given by Ms Ratna Singh.