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“Importance of good habits in a student’s life”

Saturday, February 27, 2021 |Online |Guest Lecture

A Corporate guest session on “Importance of good habits in a student’s life” was organized for the BBA (all semester) students of GBSRC on Friday, Feb. 27 2021. The session started with welcome note and Introduction of the guest given by Miss Shraddha Kadam.

The speaker, Mr. Anand Munshi is a part of 3EA Management Consulting Group. He is a motivational speaker, Corporate Trainer and Leadership Coach and has an experience of more than 18 years. He has completed his Masters in Computer System Networking and Telecommunications from Monash University. He has delivered 1000 plus training sessions & has a 100 plus MNC client list spread over 5 countries till the date. He has addressed audience of over 40 nationalities with his thought Provoking Sessions. 52 students along with 2 faculty members participated in the session.

The following points were covered by the speaker:

The speaker spoke about how punctuality and discipline can shape our personality.

Excellence is not an act but a Habit.

He emphasized on having Positive Attitude to achive success

Speaker gave an example of Roger Federer who overcame his Anger Issues and later became a calm and successful human being.

He insisted to students to work on themselves and inculcate positive behavior through practising it bit by bit on a regular basis.

He also talked about adaptability as a solution for resistance to change and how it can help us to develop.

Importance of Confidence and Communication Skills.

There was a question and answer session.