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Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

Anti-Ragging Committee

Thursday, February 11, 2021 |Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Nursing |Events

The anti- ragging committee meeting was held on 11/02/2021 at 11 am in conference room.

The following members were present

(Mrs.) Rupali Salvi, Principal

(Mrs.) Sadhana Adhyapak, committee Incharge

(Mrs.) Nisha Naik, committee member

(Mrs.) Shweta Joshi, committee member

(Ms.) Sucheta Yangad, committee member

Vaishali Jagtap, committee member

D. Priya committee member

Jayshri Jaypurkar

Gavare, Police Inspector,MIDC, Bhosari Police station

Amol Dere, Police Sub- Inspector, MIDC, Bhosari Police station

Santosh Ratnaparakhi,Police Constable, MIDC, Bhosari Police station

Atul Marwadi, Journalist

The following agenda was discussed.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sadhana Adhyapak, committee Incharge read last meeting minutes and it was passed by all the members. She introduced all the member to each other.

  • Antiragging Rules : (Mrs.) Sadhana Adhyapakbriefed about antiragging rules to all member.
  • UGC Regulations : (Mrs.). Rupali Salvi, Principal and chairperson of the committee informed all the members about the UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Dr.D.Y. Patil College of Nursing. She also explained about objectives, acts, constituting ragging, and measures for prohibition of ragging at the college level. She told all members to read the regulations in detail.
  • Online Affidavit by Students and Parents : (Mrs.) Sadhana Adhyapak, committee Incharge informed all members that as per new University Grant Commission criteria it is mandatory for all students and parents to do online undertaking for anti-ragging activities. And college provides all facilities for students. Affidavit form which has to be given by the students was read for the members and doubts were clarified.
  • Any Events of Ragging - Members asked Principal Dr. Mrs. Rupali Salvi there were any events of ragging in the college campus. But there were no such events reported. Madam informed all the squad members take surprise rounds in their respective areas. All the squad members informed details of their rounds to madam and they also told that all squad reports are given to Mrs. Sadhana Adhyapak.
  • Suggestion : Gavare, Police Inspector& Mrs. Ingole, Sociologist had interactions with undergraduate and postgraduate students. Mr. Gavare gave information regarding ‘TAI-KAKACOMMITTEE’. He gavecontact number of Mrs. Ratnamala Lohkare (lady police constable) and Mr. Ratnaparkhi. He asked them if they came across any ragging incidents and encouraged them to report it to committee members. Madam Mrs. Ingole had interaction with students. She suggested that they had friendly atmosphere in the college and to report any teacher.

Principal Dr. Mrs. Rupali Salvi and external member attended meeting in the conference room. Other members attended it’s on zoom platform due to Covid situation. The meeting was adjourned at12:30pm.