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Global Business School & Research Centre

Alumni Lecture Series – Mentoring session: Be Corporate Ready

Saturday, October 10, 2020 |Zoom App |Seminar

Mr. Harshit Bairwa, an alumnus of GBSRC (Batch 2013-15), is working with KPMG Global Services as Senior Executive, Talent Acquisition. The session was attended by a total of 77 participants. In his interactive session with the students of MBA semester-I, briefed them of what are the different aspects to face the corporate world and how can they work towards getting into their dream companies. In the opening statement he educated the students on the importance of prioritizing their interest over the market trends, conducting a SWOT analysis of themselves & identifying a sector they are interested in rather than just following the market sentiments. Everybody joins amateur, only through an experience they get to learn and develop new horizons in any field. He asked students to prepare a list of companies and target those companies to get placed. He urged that graduates pursuing an MBA should be spending more time on LinkedIn rather than social networking sites like Facebook, as most of the jobs are posted directly on LinkedIn by recruiters.

He said that if students really want to grow in the corporate world, they need to love their job, polish their skills as needed, and concentrate on one particular goal. They need to be confident about their strengths and should exactly know how to deal with the weaknesses. Communication skills of an individual play a vital role when it comes to a company and its recruitment. The lesson a fresher needs to learn is that they should be presentable in every interview they are in as it will define how convincing you are at expressing yourself and communicate with the recruiter. It is very important that they research a company he/she is appearing for the interview as this helps in building more confidence and also help identify how appropriately the individual’s traits/skills match with the company’s value system.

The session helped students identify some important areas on which they need to work to be corporate ready, few of which are identifying strengths, working on weaknesses, developing communication skills, being more active on LinkedIn, identifying and making a list of dream companies & pursuing it.

Prof. Vatsala Manjunath concluded the session by proposing a vote of thanks.