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Dr. D. Y. Patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics Institute

One day industrial visit to Nira Valley Grape Wines Pvt. Ltd, Baramati for Third year B. Tech. /M. Tech. (Int) Biotechnology students.

Friday, March 08, 2019 |Nira Valley Grape Wines Pvt. Ltd, Baramati. |Field Visit/Industrial Visit

A one-day industrial visit to Nira Valley Grapes Wines Pvt Ltd. Baramati and Nisarg Anand Agri-tourism Center, Morgaon was organized on 8th March 2019 for Third year B. Tech. /M. Tech. (Int) Biotechnology students as a part of the co-curricular activity. 



Mrs. Pratima Chavan, the Production Manager, Nira Valley Wines Pvt. Ltd. welcomed the student and gave a brief introduction about wine industry. She elaborated the entire process of red and white wine production at industrial level. She explained each step of wine making starting from grape crushing, primary and secondary fermentation, ageing and packaging. Her talk was very informative and technical, and students received comprehensive knowledge about wine industry.


This was followed by a visit to the production unit. They showed various machinery such as grapes crusher and destemmer, storage tank and fermenter of different sizes, ageing tanks, bottling and labeling unit. This was followed by laboratory round where Mrs. Sampada Patil, Lab Technician explained about different analysis and equipments like hydrometer, ebullimeter etc. 


The second destination for the visit was Nisarg Sangeet Agri-tourism Center, Morgaon. The student’s visited various facilities/plants related to vermicomposting, Organic farming, animal and bird house.


Overall the industrial visit was successful and very interesting and students got direct exposure to wine processing and its working at industrial and commercial level.